Has Jose Mourinho’s determination to be a realist scuppered Chelsea’s chances this season?

As we approach one of the biggest games of the season we can look forward to seeing a team hungry for victory and getting one step closer to the Premier League trophy after seeing that spot in their trophy cabinet empty for years.

Sadly for Chelsea fans it looks more to be a picture painted better in red. After a season of keeping our feet on the ground and borderline pessimism worthy of a Eeyore as to whether or not Chelsea could win the league, Jose has decided to admit defeat and is rumoured to have the intent of fielding a weakened team against Liverpool.

The result against Sunderland has left Chelsea fans with a heavy heart no matter how many times we may say that we were never going to win the league. The more painful thought was to think that after so many games at Stamford Bridge Jose’s premier league record was ruined by a late penalty, which was coolly taken by former Blue Fabio Borini.

It speaks volumes of how talented Jose Mourinho is at mind games to even convince myself that throwing away the Premier League wasn’t as bad as losing Mourinho’s home Premier League Record based on the fact that only having a handful of games remaining and being within 2 points of Liverpool ‘we were never going to win the league’…

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who felt like this, although I’m not saying that people who felt losing the title was worse are wrong, it is just quite the testament to Jose that the feeling was not unanimous.

Having said this, everyone can be affected by mind games, even the professional footballers with nerves of steel. As Chelsea players battle every game to grab 3 points the feeling of Mourinho hammering in the belief that this season was never going to be theirs must have had an impact psychologically on the team. I would be surprised if not even for a millisecond there were players who may have felt like saying “what’s the point” or “this isn’t our season” could have made the difference between a win, loss or draw.

There is no doubt that Jose’s mind games have played a great deal in putting off our opponents. But who’s to say that some of our own squad haven’t been caught in the cross fire. It’s very easy to be a realist in competitive sport; sadly it’s even easier to be a pessimist. Here’s hoping that next season Jose has his sights aimed where they should be and if it looks like we’re heading for glory, that he isn’t afraid to say it.


5 pointless inventions you might actually want.

Day after day we see some hilarious examples of technology, which never quite take-off and hit the big time, leaving depressed inventors putting their ideas back on the shelf. After watching television shows based on these adventurous entrepeneurs desperate for a taste of success who haven’t quite made it, I want to share with you 5 gadgets which have never been truly successful, but in reality… I’d quite like to own, and maybe you do too! 

  1. The iPod toilet roll dock

This piece of kit is a very exciting gadget in my eyes. I’m one of those awful people who find it essential to bring my smartphone into the bathroom when I’m having a shower and blasting out some awful tinny tunes. Now with this bad boy I could enjoy some decent sound quality, potentially good enough to drown out my own screaming rendition of I’m Every Woman…

2. Picnic PantsImage

I love having a snack in the park, and yes… These are some terrifyingly unhygienic jeans, but imagine being that person at the park who doesn’t have to play the game of resting a sandwich, drink and a packet of crisps all on one leg to avoid the terrifying “chicken and bacon with a side of park mud with grass” sandwich. These are the babies to fix that problem!

3. Noodle Mask

The noodle mask is an exciting little gadget that I think would go down well with not just noodles, but spaghetti… Something my family are a big fan of! The days of wearing a Bolognese colored tie would be banished to yesteryears with this nifty little piece of headwear… Something yourself or a friend may be in need of?

4. The one can USB fridgeImage

You’re probably thinking what I first thought seeing this… I only ever buy one can of drink… It doesn’t last that long to get cold… You are stupid, why would I want this? I don’t want to waste a USB port. Well you’re probably right. But when it comes to “deskorations” (desk + decorations=deskorations… yes it’s bad), this is probably one of my favorites! It’s certainly better than most USB gadgets I’ve seen, and when it comes to summer, you’re the one holding the cards with the option of an extra can holder!


Being a bit of a caveman there’s one thing I really do love when it comes to acting like an animal, steak. More importantly, cooking a steak, on a BBQ preferably. This is (to a number of apes like myself) a big deal amongst friends. What better way to mark your efforts with your own steak brander? The steak brander is a true product of excellence in the ego world if you ask me.  Name it after yourself, or for the guest you are cooking for. This could be a winner for you this summer!